The Lost Art of Living Below Your Means is about letting your life’s art control your money instead of your money controlling your life’s art. Let what you were born to do, your creativity, your life’s zest control your money instead of money controlling you. It’s about living below your means for a richer life.

03-07-14 1What is a richer life? It’s one of joy and pleasure, and reveling in beauty. It’s being luxuriously frugal and enjoying delicious, fulfilling food. It’s really connecting and expressing who we were born to be. It’s less and less of the pesky habits that rob us of our peace and freedom no matter how much money we make or have. It’s how we can spend, treat others, live and give.

My name is Tina Maria Pereira, lover of the luxuriously frugal, luster of delicious food, devourer of the written word and fascinator of everything mind and money.

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