Unique Place You May be Wasting Money

Action Tip: How much money are you wasting buying organizing storage units? Bins, caddies, shelves, totes, bags, boxes, containers, baskets, dressers?

You have a noble goal to organize, then find yourself in a cycle of organizing and storing, organizing and storing. This leads to buying organizing equipment and more organizing storage units and even more. The bins, baskets, totes and storage begin driving your organizing.



Pair down first. 

Select what is essential to your happiness and well-being. Select what brings meaning to your life. Give thanks and a gracious, gratitude-filled goodbye to what doesn’t. 

Pick a home for those items. Only after you discard and pick a home for each item should you buy something to store what you love in. Or even better, use what you have.

When you surround yourself by only what you love, you will find much less need for storage organizers.

Live below your means and above your circumstances for a richer life.