Prepare for Battle – Enemy #1 – Discontentment

Prepare for battle against discontentment.

Rereading Michelle Singletary’s 21 Day Financial Fast

I’ve been rereading the book 21 Day Financial Fast by Michelle Singletary. It’s one of my favorite money books because it hits every point you need to address in the war to live below your means for a richer life.

The first time I read it, I was offended. How dare it be about God and money? I was really angered. I didn’t even go to church at the time. I didn’t even believe at the time. I didn’t believe that a higher power had anything to do with my finances like she explained. ‘How dare she?’ I thought. Be forewarned if you read the book, it has bible quotes in it and has a spiritual basis.

How to use this book in the Battle for Financial Vitality

What I am going to focus on is, how to use this book in the battle. The battle to live below your means for a richer life. Do I really believe that? If my actions don’t line up with my “beliefs” I don’t believe it. My actions tell me what I believe. This is a war. This is battle and there are enemies and allies to financial well-being, financial health, financial vitality.

Hear the Voice of Discontentment

Let’s dig in on #5. Have you heard this voice?

“I need that. I want that. I have to have that to make my life better. If only I get that, and then maybe that and oh yeah that, that’s enough for me. Oh, I forgot that too and this and that.”

I hear it all the time. Everyday. Multiple times a day. I hear it not only for myself, but for my son.

“If I get him that, then that will be enough. Oh wait, he could use that, too. Oh, he could benefit from that. If I get him that it will help him feel this way. I really need to get him that. I have to buy that for him. I have to.”

That’s called discontentment. Never content. Never satisfied. It’s like you’re walking on moving tiles, never on solid ground. With discontentment you are not satisfied now and you will never be satisfied. You will never be at rest. You will never be content. It’s ongoing unease, ongoing unrest. It’s like being sleep deprived. We are and will continue to be unsettled as long as we are discontent.

Action Tip:  To battle discontentment, become aware of your wishes and wishful thinking. Do not buy the things you wish for. Write them down in a journal. Ask yourself why you want a specific item continually until you get to the root. Ask yourself how you can accomplish that root why without purchasing the item.

You’ll probably find that it’s not the thing you wanted. The why is often something that can’t be purchased. Purchasing it not only doesn’t solve the problem, it can cause other unintended stresses. Get to the core of what you want that can’t be bought. Go out and get that which can’t be bought.

Live below your means for a richer life.