21 Days to Living Below Your Means

Action Tip Day Eight: How do you match your actions to your financial plans? Do you start the month well-intentioned, then fall off in a few days? We have that big vision, but why do we fail off when our willpower fails? Desiring to do well with money isn’t enough. Even a very powerful vision isn’t enough if you can’t sustain it. We are each unique and it’s time to draw upon our own personal motivations to reach our financial goals. Find your motivation to live below your means.

Find your own personal motivation. Does someone nagging you motivate you? Does it irritate you so much that it breaks through your resistance? Does anger motivate you? Does it flip a switch, ignite you and fuel you to overcome? Does spirituality? Here’s a list of possible motivators from Barbara Sher in her book Live the Life You Love. Everyone is different. Pick a style that will work for you:

  • Spirituality
  • Scolding
  • Guilt
  • Lecturing
  • Competition
  • Revenge
  • Fear
  • Shaming
  • Taking a class
  • Praying
  • Dares
  • Positive thinking
  • Getting lots of praise
  • Reincarnation
  • Repeating affirmations
  • Pain-driven
  • Creating your own reality
  • Promising yourself a reward
  • Getting help from buddies
  • Starting small
  • Other

I’d include, being coached and being held accountable, too. Pick your own personal motivation to help you stay on track and reach your financial goals. Break through what’s stopping you.

Live below your means for a richer life.