Bedroom: Decluttering and Organizing

Decluttering the Bedroom

The Number One Thing

First, define how you want your bedroom to make you feel. How you want it to make you feel will define its design. Declutter your bedroom with this goal in mind.

Have a Quick Win

Clear the tops of all your dressers and nightstands. Only put back your lamps and a few important items. An easy trick that helped me was to use doilies. It can be a beautiful mat, not your grandmother’s doilies. I only put what can fit on the doily. When there is more, that’s a sign to put some stuff away. This gives you an immediate quick win to have your  nightstands and dressers clear of clutter.

Next Steps

  • Move things out that found their way into your bedroom and don’t belong there.
  • Get rid of too many pillows on your bed (that end up on the floor anyways).
  • Go through your drawers. Get rid of anything worn out, stained, ill-fitting or rarely used.
  • Part with sentimental clothing items that you received as gifts, but have not worn.
  • Remove exercise equipment from your bedroom. Chances are you haven’t used it and can completely get rid of it.
  • Challenge yourself to keep the clothes you like to wear and get rid of what you don’t.

Thoughts That May Stop You

  • I’m going to use.
  • I may use it.
  • I might use it.
  • I could use it.
  • I may fit into it someday.
  • I spent a lot of money on this.
  • My father, mother, or  _______ gave this to me. I never used it, but…
  • If I let go, I’ll let go of the memory, the feeling and the love.
  • I have a miraculous, newfound interest in it. I’m going to use this.
  • I’m making do with this instead of buying what will really do the job.

You must confront your thoughts to declutter.If you don’t, you won’t.

Organizing the Bedroom

Keep your dresser tops clear, only topped with a few important things. Use containers to separate things into groups in your drawers. Give every item a home and return it to its home everyday.

This is the room where you wake up and where you go to sleep. This is the room that nurtures your soul. This is the room where your unconscious marinates while you sleep. This is your haven. Keep it decluttered and organized to match your vision. Make it feel the way you want it to feel.

Live below your means for a richer life