A New Order to Pay Off Debt

Action Tip: If you have different types of debt, which should you pay off first? The highest interest rate? The smallest amount?

How about ordering them in the biggest pain?

A tax debt would be the biggest pain and should be paid off first.

Next, do you have a debt that is hurting a relationship you really value? Do you owe your mother money and feel bad every time you see or talk to her? Pay that because debt hijacked your relationship.

Do you have a debt that can do extreme damage to you financially? Do you have a debt that leaves you financially exposed? Do you have a cosigned loan from an old relationship?  Do you have a car that is upside down? Sell, get rid of it or pay that next.

Pay in order of the pain. You will be so motivated to get out of debt you will sacrifice more deeply than ever before to be free.

Live below your means for a richer life.