Visual Budget and Spending Map, Part 5 of 7

Today we get to the meaty part of the visual budget. Once we get through this, tomorrow we’ll start with the beauty part.

Below what we did yesterday, list everything you want to spend on. Feel free to use the categories below. Don’t feel like you have to put something in every category. When you’re finished, total it up and subtract it from your income. It should equal zero.

Step 5 - Add in Spending_Page_1

Step 5 - Add in Spending_Page_2

Oops, here looks like it doesn’t. Wow, almost $700 over budget here. Time to make some changes until it works. Change what you have to change. Cut what you have to cut. Get it to zero.

Step 5 - Add in Spending to Zero_Page_1

Step 5 - Add in Spending to Zero_Page_2

That’s better. Zero. Put a big smile at the bottom when you get to zero.

Tomorrow we start the beauty of painting in our spending map and putting this visual budget to use!

Live below your means for a richer life.



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