Personal Christmas 2014 Triumphs and Challenges

Day 165 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Personal Christmas 2014 Triumphs and Challenges:  I did make it a cash Christmas this year. I do however need to plan better for who I need to get gifts for next year.

I didn’t try to match gifts and explained to adults, I’m only buying gifts for the kids. I also asked others that if they were in financial straits to please not buy us gifts, but they did anyways to keep up appearances I guess. I’m done with keeping up appearances.

We went to church Christmas morning. It was almost empty, most people went last night. Next year, I’ll incorporate more volunteering, giving or serving.

We did do an overnight mini-vacation at my parents house on Christmas Eve and it reminded me of what I aspire to have, a beautiful home filled with family, good food, loving warmth and an open, giving spirit.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Live below your means for a richer life.