Temper Tantrums

Action Tip:  Toddlers aren’t the only humans who have temper tantrums. Ever been at a car dealership and witnessed a grown man whining and almost crying because he wants to finance a car he can’t afford?

“I can never get what I want. I wasn’t meant to have anything. Why buy something and work so hard for something I don’t even want. If I am going to work hard, I want to work hard for something I love. I deserve to have something I really like. That lower priced car looks raggedy. This car was made for me. I love it. I want it. I feel sick. I might as well go home and go to bed.” Whiny voice, stuck out lip, pouty face and all.

Ladies, ever been at the clothing store and kept trying to talk yourself into buying shoes and clothes you had no money for on credit because you need them?

“These shoes are an investment. How can I keep going to work with these old shoes? The button popped off my old pants. I don’t feel like sewing them back on. These look so much better. I deserve new clothes. Everybody else gets new stuff. I take care of everyone else, don’t I deserve to look and feel pretty. I feel pretty and sexy in these. I feel good. Look at my foot. Oh, these are nice. These are so me. I’ll probably get promoted at work or a raise if I dress better. I want to be a pretty mom. Why can’t I look pretty? I have nothing to wear. Nothing fits in my closet. I’m sick and tired of wearing crap. This makes me look nice. I don’t know how I will pay for it and I don’t care. I deserve something for me. I’m sick and tired of taking care of everyone else and have nothing to show for it.”

Listen to the conversations in your head and really listen to what other people say.



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