Day 55 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  Have you considered how much money you spend on paper cleaning products? I used to use paper towels for all cleanups and hand wipes. The premoistened cleaning wipes were also fast and handy. They are expensive though. I also used a lot more than I really needed to do the job.

I went back the the reusable cloth cleaner – the rag.

This was a mindshift though. I like fast. I like easy. I like no thought action. Maybe I looked down on the rag since I used paper cleaning products for so long. I am also a bit dainty and prefer to use rubber gloves when I clean with a reusable cloth cleaner. I also soak them in water and bleach at night.

Whatever the reasons, I save so much money using rags again.

The only thing I use paper towels for now is to pat dry freshly washed chicken. Once I clean the chicken, I lay the pieces between paper towels to get the extra moisture off of them before they cook. Wet chicken doesn’t cook as good as dry chicken.

To clean and prepare chicken see my mom’s tips here! ENJOY!