Day 49 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  Shift from a big splash mindset. Ever heard someone say, “I can take money out of my IRA and paid off credit cards.” Or, “I’ll take a 401k loan and clear up these bills.” Or, “I’ll do a debt consolidation and get rid of my debt.” Or, “I’ll work a lot of overtime and pay these off.” Or, “When I get my bonus I’ll pay these off.” Or, “Once I get my insurance check I’ll have a down payment.”

All of these keep our mindset on the big splash, “the big thing that will save me,” instead of focusing on the little choices we make each day. We don’t say no to ourselves in the moment, then wait for a big event to save us.

We have to stop that and attack and battle each unwise decision in the moment.