This Blog is About Doing It

Map to Success:  This blog isn’t about sitting around talking about living below our means, living within our means, getting rich, winning with money, etc. This blog is about really doing it…getting into the nitty gritty of everyday life decisions that we make to live below our means. We can learn what to do with money, but when we learn it, do we do it? Again, this blog is about doing it.

No one talks about money. Hardly anyone learns the principles to really do well with money. It’s so private. Double not knowing what you’re doing with making private decisions driven by ego, fear, need to impress, need to fulfill some inner longing, guilt, or helping, enabling and saving others.

How many people are being saved each month by their parent’s giving them money, using a credit card to bridge the gap between pay and bills? Who’s borrowing money quietly from a friend or a relative behind the scenes? Who’s borrowed money to finance their lifestyle that others envy? Who’s been seduced by advertising to finance that vehicle or purchase that house? Who hasn’t bought when the sales person is stroking our ego? Or do you do it because you want to dominate and look and feel superior? Who has an addiction that’s anihilating their finances? Cosigned for anyone lately? Bought any futures, swaps or derivatives lately to gain from that hot stock tip? Got a retirement plan that’s 80% in Apple stock? Signed up for that buy now pay later to get what you wanted? Borrow money from mom lately? Helped out a relative who needed money because they blew theirs? Sitting on cash because that’s “safer” than investing?

It’s those little decisions that we make. Money is the Wild Wild West of our lives. As grown ups, no one but us has control over our decisions with money. We can make our financial decisions on any whim and fancy.

By living drastically below my means, I’ve been able to accomplish a real life goal – providing safe, superb daycare for my son. But I have other goals that include buying another home, retirement funding, college funding, proper giving, travelling and building a profitable side business. This will require that I

  1. Overcome my budget busters which are eating out, wasted groceries, giving too much improperly and ego spending.
  2. Learn to save and save more.
  3. Invest continuously in a properly diversified portfolio for my risk tolerance, time horizon and goals.
  4. Plan, prepare and follow my own map to my destiny.
  5. Examine my money roots, purge bad ideas and teach my son how to handle money.

Any of these inner/outer critical voices sound familiar:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, stick to a budget.

Yeah, who does and how?

Save, duh. Who doesn’t know how to save?

Apparently a lot of people because hardly anyone does it. My parents bought me almost all my large purchases. For my down payment I worked overtime and saved quickly, but that wasn’t any long term disciplined saving. Other large items I got for free. So silence that voice that mocks you and say, “Yeah, I don’t know how to keep my hands off my savings once I save a little.” Admit, ” Yeah I blow it when I have a bad day.” or “Yeah, there was a big sale and a deal I couldn’t miss.”

You need to be investing. You’re missing out on market gains.

Uh, yeah, but there’s a proper way to invest and only after you have accomplished certain things like a 3-6 month emergency fund, have insurances (medical, auto, home/rental, disability, long term care), and a home. Who has the patience and wisdom to not invest until you’ve accomplished those things? How do you develop that patience?

Questions like these are ones I’m delving into. What do you do in that moment when you are about to blow it and go off course?

Hey, what are your budget busters and your goals? What are you looking for?


As always, thanks for reading and sharing,


xoxo Tina