Hello and welcome to my personal finance and betterment blog! I created this blog in October of 2013 as a fun way to be better with finances. One example was I was able to pay $65,000 in four years for my child’s daycare, with one more to go totally a whopping $80,000. That costs more than college! Blogging helped me stay on track, help and inspire readers along the way.

My name is TJ Pereira. I’m a regular person living a real life learning and sharing the lost art of living below your means.

I have no student loan debt, and I never have.

I graduated in 2009 with a finance degree with no student loans.

When I went to school, I paid in cash and then I got a job that paid for tuition-reimbursement. I worked full-time during the day and went to college at night with a paid-for-degree.

I bought my first house in 2004 while still in college. It was a three family rental house and I loved being a landlord and living rent free. I sold it in 2011 to move back to my hometown (and share many decluttering tips about the move and our $60,000 dog). Life is beautiful!


Anyway, I work in the finance industry and have been promoted and earn more using the strategies I discuss on this blog.

I paid off 12,000 in debt and helped a relative pay for a year of college.

One of the best things about getting out of debt was gaining the ability to help others responsibly. This blog has led to many other positives including:

  • getting up early
  • losing 30 pounds
  • getting rid of clutter
  • dealing effectively with toxic people
  • getting promoted
  • being more effective and productive
  • becoming organized and focused
  • reading more
  • developing better habits
  • being more creative and innovative
  • becoming a better leader
  • and accepting my talents and passions

When you accept your passions that align with your talents you become unstoppable. When you can lead yourself, you can lead others and win.

Let your life’s art control your money instead of your money controlling your life’s art. Let what you were born to do, your creativity, your life’s zest control your money instead of money controlling you. It’s about living below your means for a richer life.

We each define our richer life. What is a richer life to me? It’s one of joy, pleasure, fun, meaning, beauty; along with discipline and hardwork. It’s being luxuriously frugal and responsibly generous. It’s really connecting and expressing who we were born to be. It’s less and less of the pesky habits that rob us of our peace and freedom no matter how much money we make or have. It’s how we can spend, treat others, live and give.

I’m a blogger, but I also love reading other blogs on finance, minimalism, unbusying, and lifestyles. I also enjoying reading the comments and discussions that other people have. I hope to use this blog to educate and inform others and myself about how to live below your means for a richer life! 🙂